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SL Date Description
1. 12/04/2021 Case of Teachers – Related to non-payment of salary.
2. 09/04/2021 Case of Vasudev Ram – Related to non-payment of pension into bank account.
3. 07/04/2021 Case of Vinod Prasad – Related to non-payment of salary.
4. 07/04/2021 Case of Barati Devi – Related to claim of maintenance amount from the salary of her daughter.
5. 06/04/2021 Case of Santosh Kumar – Related to illegal charging of money and misbehaving with women by anti-social elements.
6. 06/04/2021 Case of Pinki Devi – Related to beating, humiliation and false implication of her husband in a police case.
7. 06/04/2021 Case of Ajay Kumar Ojha – Related to physical abuse of his mother and snatching of gold chain from her neck.
8. 31/03/2021 Case of Sanjay Kumar Akela – Suo-moto cognizance by BHRC related to custodial death of irrigation worked at Bhagalpur District.
9. 23/03/2021 Case of Chanchala Kumari – Suo-moto cognizance by BHRC in the case of death of a girl student from electric shock within school premises.
10. 19/03/2021 Case of Kamleshwar Singh – Related to negligence by the government hospital.
11. 19/03/2021 Case of Rajendra Baitha – Related to dispute over land.
12. 19/03/2021 Case of Ram Naresh Gupta – Related to dispute over land.
13. 18/03/2021 Case of Daya Kumar & Others – Related to dispute over land.
14. 18/03/2021 Case of Hemant Kumar Daulani – Related to dispute over land and loot of Blanket shop and Hotel.
15. 09/03/2021 Case of Triveni Misra – Related to dispute over land.
16. 05/03/2021 Case of Saraswati Devi – Related to Cancellation of Teacher Exam Results.
17. 02/03/2021 Case of Naresh Kumar – Related to non-availability of PM Aawas Yojana.
18. 26/02/2021 Case of Rajendra Prasad – Related to fixing salary less than that of a teacher junior to him.
19. 26/02/2021 Case of Manju Devi – Related to non-payment of Salary.
20. 24/02/2021 Case of Tulsi Ram – Compensation awarded worth Rs. 4 lakhs for the death of 18 years old son due to electric shock.
21. 24/02/2021 Case of Ashok Kumar Yadav – Related to forced transfer to another Sugar-Mill by the senior officer.
22. 24/02/2021 Case of Lakshmi Devi – Related to physical violence faced by her and her family.
23. 24/02/2021 Case of Suraj Yadav – Related to dispute over mapping of land boundaries.
24. 23/02/2021 Case of Shashikant Kumar – Related to pending release of honorarium and experience certificate.
25. 23/02/2021 Case of Ratan Kumar Pandey – Related to false police case involving damage to Foodgrains in Godown due to heavy rains.
26. 23/02/2021 Case of Nilesh Kumar – Related to non-payment of Salary despite providing required absentee statement.
27. 23/02/2021 Case of Rajesh Das – Related to not being released from jail even after suitable order by the court.
28. 22/02/2021 Case of Usha Devi – Related to false implication of criminal cases against husband and son.
29. 22/02/2021 Case filed by Kalki Media – Related to case of rape and murder of a minor girl.
30. 22/02/2021 Case of Rubaida Khatoon – Related to failure of recovery of kidnapped and missing son by the Sitamarhi Police.
31. 22/02/2021 Case of Prasendra Kumar Tiwari – Related to non-payment of compensation for death of the son by electric shock.
32. 19/02/2021 Case of Ajay Kumar Yadav – Related to harassment by police.
33. 18/02/2021 Case of Brajnandan Choudhary – Failure of police to act on the complaint against powerful people of the village.
34. 17/02/2021 Case of Ashar Indauri – Related to case of death in custody at the hands of police officers.
35. 15/02/2021 Case of Ram Bhajan Singh – Related to caste maliciousness, postponement of govt. quarter allocation and deferring payment of salary.
36. 15/02/2021 Case of Tanveer Khan – Related to non-acceptance of Joining Letter by the senior officer.
37. 12/02/2021 Case of Kabutari Devi – Related to demolition of house constructed under Indra Aawas Yojna and the destruction of the items in house.
38. 12/02/2021 Case of Rinku Devi – Related to Compensation due under SC/ST Rules (Prevention of Atrocities) and Pension amount.
39. 11/02/2021 Case of Baidyanath Jha – Related to payment of outstanding wages.
40. 09/02/2021 Case of Neha Devi – Related to custodial death.
41. 09/02/2021 Case of Jagdish Das Related unnatural death of Mrityunjay Kumar due to drowning while trying to escape from police.
42. 09/02/2021 Case of Anwar Hussain Complaint related to unauthorized operation of Ayurvedic Clinic.
43. 09/02/2021 Case of Savita Devi Complaint related to FIR not being registered at Nardiganj Thana, Nawada.
44. 03/02/2021 Case of Saryu Prasad Singh – Related to his request for action against a rape case.
45. 19/01/2021 Case of Sunita Devi – Related to bribery in a police case.
46. 19/01/2021 Case of Sudarshan Ram – Related to Police Case.
47. 19/01/2021 Case of Najibut Tauhid – Related to physical abuse to his 17 years old son by policemen at Phulwarisarif PS.
48. 11/01/2021 Case of Dharmendra Manjhi – Suo-Moto cognizance by BHRC in the matter of custodial death.
49. 05/01/2021 Case of Vivekanand Jha Related to physical abuse to his 19 years old daughter & 10 years old son.
50. 05/01/2021 Case of Amawas Das – Related to Land Dispute.