Important Decisions


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SL Date Description
1. 09/07/2020 Case of Kanchan Devi – disposed since matter not related to violation of human rights.
2. 08/07/2020 Case of Ashok Kumar – disposed since matter had no merit.
3. 08/07/2020 Case of Md Rafi – disposed since matter not related to violation of human rights.
4. 08/07/2020 Case of Sanjeet Kumar – related to careless attitude of Block Officers.
5. 07/07/2020 Case of Umakant Chaudhary – related to his remand under police case.
6. 03/07/2020 Case of Manju Devi – related to house raid by police, theft of goods and misbehaviour by police personnel.
7. 03/07/2020 Case of Sarswati Devi – related to publication of withheld result of Teacher's Training Exam, 1994.
8. 03/07/2020 Case of Dharmachand Sah – related to dispute over land with his neighbour.
9. 02/07/2020 Case of Md Meraj – related to Police Case.
10. 01/07/2020 Case of Jahangir Aalam – related to dispute over grabbing of land.
11. 01/07/2020 Case of Heera Sahni – related to false implication in a case involving murder of truck driver and robbing of goods being carried.
12. 01/07/2020 Case of Jagdish Yadav – related to death of his daughter due to physical violence inflicted by his friend.
13. 22/06/2020 Case of Mala Rani – related to unpaid retiral benefit of her husband.
14. 19/06/2020 Case of Ravindra Kumar Rakesh & Others – Related to the restriction imposed on movement of people after construction of boundary of Chapra Police Line.
15. 18/06/2020 Case of Singeshar Das – realated to land dispute.
16. 18/06/2020 Case of Akhilesh Kumar Singh related to verbal and physical abuse by ASI, Sahajitpur Thana, Saran.
17. 17/06/2020 Case of Geeta Devi – related to unpaid PF maturity of her deceased husband's account.
18. 17/06/2020 Case of Anwar Hussain - related to Notice issued.
19. 17/06/2020 Case of Nusrat Ezaajh Shekar - related to Order passed.
20. 11/05/2020 Case of Mithilesh Kumar Nirala – rejection of review petition filed by SBPDCL.
21. 22/04/2020 Case of Ganesh Lal Tatma, Home GuardSuo motu cognizance by BHRC of human rights violation during lockdown.
22. 13/03/2020 Case of Pathetic Condition of Corona Virus Ward in GMCH, BettiahSuo motu cognizance by BHRC.
23. 09/03/2020 Case of Training College, Darbhanga – related to Pay Scale Structure and Service Conditions for Teaching/Non-Teaching staff.
24. 05/03/2020 Case of Ram Kinkar Prasad – related to resignation under pressure.
25. 04/03/2020 Case of Amrendra Kumar Sinha – related to payment of amount in lieu of Pension, Gratuity and EL after dismissal from service.
26. 02/03/2020 Case of Virendra Kumar – related to allegation of non-payment of honorarium.
27. 02/03/2020  Case of Nand Lal Chaudhary – related to caste based abuse by the SP, Police at Janta Darbar.
28. 26/02/2020 Case of Arvind Nishad – related to allegations against the misdemeanor.
29. 25/02/2020 Case of Dr. Manoj Kumar – related to the progress of the investigation of a scandal in the scheduled SC/ST police station.
30. 18/02/2020 Case of Arvind Shah – related to wrong implication of family in a dowry death.
31. 18/02/2020 Case of Navin Kumar & Sunny Chawala – related to false implication in a case.
32. 17/02/2020 Case of Sunil Kumar and Others – related to damaged under construction drain at Maha-Dalit Tola.
33. 17/02/2020 Case of Raj Nandan Singh – related to harassment at the Police Station.
34. 14/02/2020 Case of Mukesh Kumar Mukesh – related to non-payment of daily wages by School Administation.
35. 14/02/2020 Case of Goapl Sharan – related to property dispute with the dealer.
36. 11/02/2020 Case of Jitendra Paswan – related to recovery of pending labour charges worth Rs. 4.75 Lakhs.
37. 10/02/2020 Case of Javed Akhtar – related to denial of EPF benefits to workers earning more than 15,000/- rupees per month.
38. 06/02/2020 Case of Shailendra Singh Tarkar related to incomplete implementation of Special Training Centres (STC) scheme.
39. 05/02/2020 Case of Shailendra Kumar Yadav – related to abusing behaviour of SHO of Singhia Police Station.
40. 04/02/2020 Case of Shambhu Das – related to misbehaviour with complainant and denial of medical treatment to his son.
41. 04/02/2020 Case of Mithilesh Kumar Nirala – related to demand of bribe by officers of Gardanibagh Electricity office.
42. 03/02/2020 Case of Monika Sah – related to harassment and threat of kidnapping/sexual abuse.
43. 31/01/2020 Case of Harinandan Rai – compensation awarded for death due to criminal negligence.
44. 29/01/2020 Case of Dinesh Tiwari related to false implication in a case with mala fide intention of grabbing property share.
45. 29/01/2020 Case of Surang Lal Yadav related to filing of libel for release from prison.
46. 23/01/2020 Case of Guddu Singh related to custodial death.
47. 23/01/2020 Case of Laxmeshwar Lal Dev & Others – related to denial of financial benefits as per government provisions.
48. 22/01/2020 Case of Ajay Kumar Nath related to electricity connection not being restored even after depositing due fees.
49. 21/01/2020 Case of Aakash related to false arrest in the matter of allegedly stolen car.
50. 17/01/2020 Case of Rajeshwar Prasad Singh related to unfair distribution of Crop Damage Compensation, 2016-17.
51. 13/01/2020 Case of Firoz Khan Appeal of transfer of case outside Bihar fearing possible injustice.
52. 09/01/2020 Case of Meraaj Uddin and others related to recruitment of Lok Shikshak on the basis of prior experience.
53. 09/01/2020 Case of Shambhu Sharan related to assault and demand of bribery by Vigilance Investigation Bureau during arrest of complainant.
54. 07/01/2020 Case of Rajendra Singh related to violation of Bihar Municipal Act, 2007 by PMC during anti-encroachment drive.
55. 07/01/2020 Case of Deep Narayan Kaamat related to dispute over plot of land.
56. 06/01/2020 Case of Brajendra Kumar Jha related to custodial death.