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SL Date Description
1. 14/11/2019 Case of Upendra Prasad – related to murder of his daughter by her in-laws.
2. 14/11/2019 Case of Ramdhan – related to brutal beating of defenseless women protestors by Police.
3. 11/11/2019 Case of Fulauna Turha – related to encroachment of land.
4. 11/11/2019 Case of Lal Babu Prasad – related to false implication in a case upon refusal to pay bribe.
5. 06/11/2019 Case of Chinta Devi – related to allegation of sexual exploitation on the pretext of possible marriage.
6. 05/11/2019 Case of Sunaina Kumari – related to payment of salary.
7. 28/10/2019 Case of Ravindra Kuar related to harrassment by DEO after bringing to light a case of corruption.
8. 25/10/2019 Case of Ram Basant Ram related to request of closure of his case against the builder.
9. 25/10/2019 Case of Kajal Kumari related to application for arrest of named persons in the FIR.
10. 24/10/2019 Case of Sarabjeet Bhatiya related to poorly managed NGO operated Mintoo Hostel for Blinds.
11. 23/10/2019 Case of Narayan Singh related to loot of crop, murder and false implication.
12. 23/10/2019 Case of Sanjeev Kumar aka Ved Prakash related to encroachment of land from public path.
13. 22/10/2019 Case of Sunaina Devi related to case constituted against the complainant's son by the police.
14. 21/10/2019 Case of Devendra Das related to safety of himself and of his family.
15. 18/10/2019 Case of Daroga Singh related to false implication of complainant in an FIR by the police.
16. 18/10/2019 Case of Mohammad Iliyas – related to property dispute with his brother and mother.
17. 17/10/2019 Case of Vinod Kumar Singh related to payment of salary dues.
18. 17/10/2019 Case of Indra Mohan Jha related to payment of cash for work performed during summer vacation.
19. 16/10/2019 Case of Vimla Devi related to family dispute involving property.
20. 15/10/2019 Case of Reena Devi related to abusing her in name of the caste, her molestation and the attempt to kill.
21. 11/10/2019 Case of Advocate Pramod ji suo moto cognizance by BHRC.
22. 11/10/2019 Case of Health Dept., Govt. of Bihar related to promotion of Block Extension Officers.
23. 10/10/2019 Case of Shailendra Singh Tarkar related to National Child Labour Scheme.
24. 03/10/2019 Case of Surendra Kumar Jha related to wrongful implication in a case of murder.
25. 03/10/2019 Case of Harendra Rai related to murder of his son.
26. 01/10/2019 Case of Death in Lockup at Sitamarhi suo moto cognizance and compensation awarded by BHRC.
27. 30/09/2019 Case of Shivkumari Devi related to custodial torture of her husband and son.
28. 30/09/2019 Case of Vinay Kumar Verma related to unpaid salary dues.
29. 30/09/2019 Case of Suresh Singh related to false implication in the murder of his daughter-in-law.
30. 19/09/2019 Case of Mahasundari Devi related to forged filing of land.
31. 19/09/2019 Case of Prisoners at Sitamarhi related to hand-cuffing prisoners and presenting them in court by Watchmen, separate from Police.
32. 18/09/2019 Case of Richa Sagar related to torture and kidnapping of her son.
33. 18/09/2019 Case of Ganga Kumar Shrivastava related to property dispute.
34. 16/09/2019 Case of Ajay Kumar Verma related to Rural Works Department.
35. 16/09/2019 Case of Mustari Khatoon related to Indra Awas Yojana.
36. 16/09/2019 Case of Sudhanshu Shekhar Tripathi related to delay in retirement benefits and settlement of TA bills.
37. 16/09/2019 Case of Islam Ansari related to communal dispute.
38. 13/09/2019 Case of Devanti Devi related to claim of false implication of husband in a murder case.
39. 13/09/2019 Case of Narayan Mahto related to torture and murder of his daughter for dowry.
40. 12/09/2019 Case of Anila Jha related to death claim under scheme of insurance (GSLI).
41. 12/09/2019 Case of Sanjiv Yadav related to payment of insurance, provident fund, etc.
42. 09/09/2019 Case of Dilbahar Singh related to non-payment of service retirement benefits.
43. 09/09/2019 Case of Arun Kumar related to his pending promotion.
44. 09/09/2019 Case of Prabhu Nath Shah related to due payment of salary.
45. 09/09/2019 Case of Rajesh Raman related to Land & Revenue Reforms Dept.
46. 09/09/2019 Case of Amrendra Kumar Pandey related to due salary after joining.
47. 09/09/2019 Case of Mishri Lal Ram related to torture of a maha dalit family.
48. 09/09/2019 Case of Shiv Vachan Ram Tatwa related to outstanding Salary and Pension.
49. 06/09/2019 Case of Poonam Kumari related to bank.
50. 05/09/2019 Case of Raushani Kumari related to her death due to electrocution.
51. 04/09/2019 Case of Rajesh Kumar related to neighbour's mutual dispute.
52. 03/09/2019 Case of Prem Sheela Devi related to a reminder for payment of compensation.
53. 03/09/2019 Case of Ramesh Kumar related to delay in response.
54. 02/09/2019 Case of Vinita Kumari related to forced marriage and rape of an under-aged girl.
55. 30/08/2019 Case of Gaurav Gulati related to alleged dishonoring of martyrs of Sukama.
56. 30/08/2019 Case of Jofa Devi - related unpaid retirement benefits and denial of time-bound promotion during the service.
57. 29/08/2019 Case of Ramesh Kumar related to illegal appointment and promotion.
58. 29/08/2019 Case of forcibly removing a hut belonging to a person of minority community.
59. 29/08/2019 Case of Maha Dalit Family related to burning down of their huts by the Circle Officer.
60. 29/08/2019 Case of Sneha related to false implication of her family members in various cases.
61. 28/08/2019 Case of Surendra Jha related to retirement benefits of service.
62. 27/08/2019 Case of Ram Singh related to incident of kidnapping.
63. 27/08/2019 Case of Radhe Shyam Sharma related to court case.
64. 26/08/2019 Case of Ramia Devi related to then Minister, Govt. of Bihar.
65. 21/08/2019 Case of Amirun Nisha related to murder of her husband Badruddin Khan.
66. 20/08/2019 Case of Om Prakash Bharti Related to Lathi Charge and Firing at Polling Booth by C.O., Masaurhi.
67. 18/08/2019 Case of Raja Ram Singh matter related to Bihar State Housing Board, Patna.
68. 16/08/2019 Case of Ram Padarath Singh related to Power Supply Division, Barh.
69. 16/08/2019 Case of Sunita Devi related to suspension.
70. 16/08/2019 Case of Vimal Chandra Jha related to Devi Dayal High School, Kadamkuan, Patna.
71. 16/08/2019 Case of Narayan Giri ralated to Land Dispute.
72. 13/08/2019 Case of Arun Kumar Diwakar related to matter of murder.
73. 08/08/2019 Case of Om Prakash related to bribery.
74. 08/08/2019 Case of Ajay Kumar against Asha Devi.
75. 08/08/2019 Case of Anwar Najmi related to non-payment of Salary due.
76. 06/08/2019 Case of Mustari Khatun related to misuse of government money.
77. 05/08/2019 Case of Rama Shankar Dwivedi related to false implication in a case.
78. 05/08/2019 Case of Shankar Manjhi related to the murder of Ravindra Manjhi.
79. 02/08/2019 Case of Abha Shrivastava related to non-payment of Provident Fund.
80. 02/08/2019 Case of Ajay Kumar Verma related to Rural Works Department.
81. 02/08/2019 Case of Archana Kumari related to molestation.
82. 25/07/2019 Case of Dilbahar Singh Related to Service retirement benefits.
83. 24/07/2019 Case related to road construction by RWD on applicant's plot.
84. 31/07/2019 Case of Nagendra Rai Related to Life imprisonment.
85. 26/07/2019 Case of Kanhaiya Prasad Gupta related to land dispute.
86. 26/07/2019 Case of Babita Singh Related to DM Muzaffarpur.
87. 25/07/2019 Case of Smt. Anila Jha Related to Death claim under the scheme of Insurance (GSLI).
88. 24/07/2019 Case of Mahendra Pratap Mandal - related to Electricity Theft from SBPDCL.
89. 23/07/2019 Case of Mob Lynching at Saran District of Bihar Suo Moto Cognizance by BHRC.
90. 27/06/2019 Case of Electrocution Deaths and Injuries to many in Nawada District Suo Moto Cognizance by BHRC.
91. 20/06/2019 Case of Electric Shock to 7 Children due to Live fallen Electric Wire Suo Moto Cognizance by BHRC.
92. 27/05/2019 Case of Premsheela Devi Compensation awarded by BHRC for death in custody.
93. 15/01/2019 Case of Manti Devi, Bhagalpur Compensation awarded for destruction of embankment, well and trees.